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The Dambuskers are available for Festivals, Pubs, Clubs, Weddings and all other private and public events.

We can also call dances for a short ceilidh set within our usual full-on Dambusker performance for some special occasions.

( Please see 'Blog on' for more stuff about our country dances & weddings )



Mick Pledge
vocals & guitar

'Mick The Horse' Pledge...

With a long History of playing in punk & rockabilly bands, Mick's Bass nails the Dambusker's sound, and his guitar playing, song writing and singing take it to another dimension.

Steve Ruffé
Vocals, Guitar
harmonica, bodhran

The ‘Wild Man of Folk’… a legend in his own lunchtime!

Always giving 200% Raaahhh!! his folk with ‘attitude’ infects the crowd.

Genuine and warm hearted, his songs reflect a deep passion for Native American Indian ideology, mixed with his frustrations at our culture - that just won’t let him be!

Biker tales, sailor stories and above all his love to party with a pint in hand, influence his high energy writing and performing.

Finley Houghton
Fiddle, Lead Guitar

That extra powerful folk ‘rock' sound comes from this young multi-talented fiddle playing guitar riffin' dude!


We are all looking forward to this new incarnation of the Dambuskers and where ever it may lead.

Baz Bix
Bodhran, Cajon
vocals, guitar

The hairiest Dambusker of all!

Percussion... born from the infuriating tapping on his mother's kitchen table, Baz’s drumming is the essential focus of the bands rhythmic pulse.

A fire-juggling festival child and with a brain the size of an (alien) planet, Baz’s hippy heart and hectic head tirelessly herd the drones.

Baz is also now our dance caller for the ceilidh (see Blog on) and it seems to be very popular.

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