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Baz found his calling in calling ceilidh...


At some point back along the road away we found out almost by accident that our Baz was a natural for calling ceilidh or country dance as some folk know it as... Its also Ceili in Gaelic spelling.  We were all at a country folk affair, dancing and drinking as yer do when Baz decided he should ask the caller in the ceilidh band if he could have a go at calling one of the simpler dances that he knew.

I could say that he didn't make a bad job of it.  He explained the dance really well and had it all in him that was needed for the job. (We were impressed!)  But when he started the dance and the calling with the band playing, he seemed like he was an old hand at it and been doing it for yearsCeilidh had been talked about before but now it was decided, Ceilidh would now be another string to play when the odd occasion came along.  Now the rest is history.


Steve Dambusker

The Wedding Gigs...


After busking and jamming together in the streets and sessions, Steve, Chloe and Baz pooled songs and ideas and formed The Dambuskers in 2003.


Since then so many of our performances are and have been, at the Festivals, Pubs and Clubs especially around Devon and the West Country.


We surely love this kind of a slot but I would say its always a great pleasure to be contacted by someone who is getting hitched and would want Dambuskers to play a gig at their Wedding.


Now there are plenty of great cover bands out there and you would think that they would more likely be the norm for these kind of occasions. But it seems that for weddings, birthdays and also anniversaries etc, an up beat celtic Folk Rock Band hits all the right buttons. Dambuskers will fuse tradition with rock attitude that will cut across the mixed generations that you are likely to get at the reception party...


I think also that these occasions weddings especially are a traditional thing so Celtic rock helps that theme along  but also gives the party the punch it needs...


Yeh, we have to say Dambuskers always feel very honoured to play and be part of the celebration party on any of those special occasions...


If we have played at any of your Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations etc, and you would like us to use a couple of your pics, Youtube link, and a few words in a future Blog article on this site, we would like to hear from you again...  Thanks for having us. Cheers to you all!


Steve Dambusker

More about our Ceilidh...


A little bit about our Ceilidh set dance.

Our ceilidh comes from the traditional Celtic country set dance.  You still get the full on Dambusker songs and tunes to sing along and dance to, but on top of that you will also get to do the set dances.


These  Dances are suitable for all, and fun for every one right across the genarations.

Don’t think twice about getting up just because you have never danced before as our Baz will tell you how to do each dance, walk you through the whole thing and tell you where you are going during the dance.


You need no dancing experience as the whole attitude of the Ceilidh airs on fun, and if you cant get up and dance you’ll have so much fun watching your friends having a go at it!


Dambuskers have included Ceilidh in the private celebrational functions we have performed at for some time now, ie weddings, birthdays etc.


We love its effect alongside our other music in creating a very animated social atmosphere that quickly includes and brings people together.


So come and find out why these old traditional dances are still so Damn cool!


Steve Dambusker



’Music Review’


Traditional folk music (thats 'traditional' as in guitars, fiddles and bodhrans et al) gets a bad rep from large sections of the uneducated public. With preconceptions of deeply earnest beard wearers in baggy jumpers chuffing on about ’hey nonnies’ and such like with a well placed finger in the ear and a real ale in hand. Such a casual disrespect would undervalue centuries of real ’peoples music’ that has filtered down the ages since Saxon times. It would also be ignorance to be unaware that folk music, both traditional and modern is one of the fastest growing (or I should say resurgent) genres of this decade with Radio 2 heavily spreading the gospel and artists and festivals popping up like a rash all over the UK and Ireland.


So in stride The Dambuskers from North Devon ( I will try and resist the temptation to use an ’ooh arr’ at this point....oh bugger) who I suppose would best be described as the heavy rock of traditional folk. They play upbeat, bounce along, in your face folk with a capital ’F’. No apologetic froth & bubble minstrels these. Sure there’s fiddles and bodhrans, but the songs are invariably about drinking, fighting and f... ahem...fair maidens and there’s definitely an absence of holed knitwear or shaggy beards dunking in tankards of ’Bishops Gusset’.


On their Myspace you have a selection live  tracks which is probably one of the best environments to appreciate this band. You can almost smell the beer and feel the footstomping in the room marshalled by their very own Lemmy, Steve Ruffe. With songs like ’Drink down the moon’ and ’Whiskey in the jar’ (yes, that one) and the bouncing ’I’ll tell me ma" you will get good fun, rollocking trad folk played with gusto and verve. Its infectious, steeped in history and for my money should be encouraged out of the West country pubs and more into the mainstream to show some of the home recording, laptop & songwriting software geeks what they’re missing, and where they come from. 


Review by Drumhead


Chloe moves on...


Chloe has given us 15 years of truly awesome fiddle, cherished memories and cheeky antics, and will be greatly missed. We wish her all the very best with her new projects.  Chloe has decided to hang up her performance fiddle for a bit and focus on teaching and a new workshops project called 'Folk Dimensions'... a brand new folk music educational course that focuses on helping you make your inner musician shine out.  All sounds very exciting, and you can find out more at

Finley Houghton steps in...  Fin joined us in December 2017 and is fitting in nicely.  We were not sure we would ever find anyone to step into Chloe's shoes, but luckily for us Fin is a pretty tasty fiddle player too, and also a mean guitar riffing dude, so we're all looking forward to this new incarnation of Dambuskers and where it may lead.


Baz Dambusker

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